United Kingdom New immigration system : Government’s immigration policy Modifications

The public authority is changing a few standards on who is permitted to come to the UK to live and work. Head of the state Rishi Sunak has portrayed current movement levels as “extremely high”.

What are the new immigration rules?


People need to apply for a visa through PBS (point-based system) to work in the UK.
People wanting to work in the UK will need to earn at least £38,700 in order to get a work visa from spring 2024. This will not apply to some jobs, such as in health and social care. But overseas care workers cannot bring family dependents into this sector. The Labour introduced points system in 2008, which was then overhauled by Conservatives. The PBS was launched in 2020 to cover EU and non-EU migrants.

How does the points-based system work?

candidate get points from different sources, such as job offer, skill level, an English test, or relevant subjects.
Applicants must have a job offer above a minimum skill level and speak English. A candidate can get 50 points. Salary, occupation, or PhD may determine remaining 20 points.

International students Status and new changes for students:

In the a year to the furthest limit of September 2023, the government provided 486,107 review visas. A large part of those were conceded to Indian and Chinese nationals. Understudies from Nigeria were the next most common ethnicity among understudy visa holders, trailed by Pakistan and the US. Postgraduate students may also apply for visas for eligible dependents: a civil or unmarried partner, as well as any children under the age of 18.

In the year ending September 2023, 152,980 visas were given to dependents. However, from January 2024, the public authority will eliminate the right for worldwide students to bring dependents, except if they are on postgraduate courses assigned as exploration programs.

On the other hand, students who have proactively finished their certificate can remain in the UK for two years (three years for those with a doctoral certification) to work under an graduate visa. In the year to the furthest limit of September 2023, 104,501 such visas were given, excluding dependents.

Can not Switch Visa: UKVI declared this update for international students: From now on, students cannot switch their visas unless they complete their degree. if students try to do so, then in the future they cannot convert their visa. Also, the UK government takes action against agents who are not genuine.

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